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Fashion and Clothing
Care Canada enterprise established in 2001, decided in year 2003 to include a division of Clothing, Fashion and Cosmetics to its entity of business. Our company imports directly from Pakistan, India and other South Asian countries. We also import from other retail unstitched clothing, stitched cloths, garments, embroidery stuff, special occasion wears, wedding dresses, and fashion accessory.

We work closely with overseas garment manufactures, fashion designers, and skilled artistic tailors. We enlarge native artists to develop Casual fashion Clothing, jewelry and fashion accessories for our overseas costumers.

We offer large collection of designs at a very competitive retail price. Our boutique has stocks of clothing like Shalwar-Qamaz, summer clothing, fashionable jewelry, costume jewelry, gift collections (Purses, handicrafts, beach bags, cushion covers, belts etc). You can order online, phone or by email. Payment options can be discussed over phone or email.
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