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South East Asian fashion is rich in tradition, vibrant in colours delicate in fabric and innovative in style. Color combination and textile material are more inventive and sight catching. Most Clothes are ready to wear.
  • Scarf or Dupatta: A typical Part of South East Asian women dresses.

  • Sari: A garment, combined with blouse and under Sharara (stitched Dhoti) forms the basic contemporary fashion clothing. Sari covers both legs at the same time and may be suitable for both hot and cold weather. Sari is warm in many styles. It is a long piece of flat cotton, silk or other fabric woven in many textures with many different patterns. It is not cut or tinkered for particular size hence can fit to any size. The manner of wear, its colour, texture, and design gives a graceful look and feminine touch.

  • Shalwar-Kameez: This dress has become common in South Asian countries. It is comfortable, popular and weather resistant. Shalwar are pajamas- like trousers drawn tightly in at the waist and the ankles. Kameez is long and lose and worn as a top dress that covers from neck down to thighs. An occasional wear could be Churidar pajamas which is similar to Shalwar but is tighter fitting at the hips, thighs and ankles.

  • Kurta: It is collarless or mandarin- collar tunic shirt, worn as a top dress. Men and women Kurtas are different in style, colour and design. Men in South East Asia wear traditional Kurta, lungis and Pajamas.

  • Jewelry (Gold and Artificial): Asian women love to wear gold ornaments and other metals combined with precious gems and beads.

  • Nosepins: It is more common than a nose ring

  • Necklace: It is made of a variety of materials from glass beads to gold and diamonds. Traditionally a woman wears it more during wedding ceremonies or parties.

  • Bangles: It is worn on the wrist by women and symbolizes as a guard over their husbands. These days bangles are worn by women of all ages. Bangles could be made of silver, gold, glass, metal or plastic.

  • Ear rings: It is an ornament worn in the ears and popular among all South Asian women. Usually girls ear are pierced before her first birthday.

  • Finger Rings and Anklets: These are worn by both married and unmarried women. Eastern girls do wear an engagement ring or wedding ring. Anklets are mostly worn by married women.

  • Mantika or Tika: It is worn at the top of the forehead in the parting of the hair. It has a small chair and a small pendent on the end hanging on the forehead. It is also a symbol of married woman.

  • Kajal: It is a kind of eyeliner that highlights the beauty of the eyes.

  • Hand bags

  • Designer purses

  • Sandals, slippers and flip flops

  • Boots’shoes

  • Cosmetics

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